Aussie Cousins

When I asked the boys what they were most looking forward to about their trip to Australia, there was no hesitation – catching up with cousin Charlie was at the top of their list. And, thankfully, they had quite a few days to ensure some cousin bonding time and, of course, teach him how to play soccer. I just adore these photos that show the cousins in their element as they ran around under the Australian sun (covered in sunscreen), teaching Charlie how to kick a soccer ball and just generally getting hot and sweaty while they enjoyed every minute.

As I look outside at our rainy northwest winter day, these photos make me feel warm again. Instead of longing to be back (although there is a little of that), I find myself looking at these memories and feeling the warm sun, hearing the giggles and enjoying the moments of pure relaxation once again.

I know that you can see every single rib in their ribcage but I promise you that my children eat constantly. Being a boys just expends a lot more calories than you can imagine.

It’s only fun until someone gets hurt… Good thing he has his cousin to make sure he’s ok.

This photo cracks me up. It looks like I caught a picture of bigfoot.

And this is a favorite.

Gotta love cousins.

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