Friday. Snow Day.

It doesn’t snow very often in Portland – we’re lucky if we get one decent snowfall a year. So, when the snow comes down like it did yesterday, the city stops. Schools and public buildings are closed, public transport is crawling and the highways are almost empty. We’ll be spending the day hunkered down at home, venturing outside every now and then to enjoy this rare event (I’m sure I’ll be taking some photos).

Samuel and I took a walk through the park yesterday. It was about 25 degrees fahrenheit (-7 celsius), with wind gusts that blew snow across the park and made me lose all feeling in my face. The weather is going to last through the weekend and then Portland will warm up again. I’m going to try and enjoy it, knowing that it will be over in a couple of days. Although, by this time tomorrow, I predict some cabin fever will set in.

Samuel kept stopping to eat the fresh snow. Thankfully he knows to stay away from the yellow stuff.

And he also stopped to write his name in the snow more than once.

Thomas joined us for about 10 minutes before he lost his sense of adventure. (or maybe he realized how crazy we were)

This was just the beginning. We accumulated about 4 inches by 8:00 last night.

One more reason not to get a dog…

mmmm – tasty.

Looking forward to more adventures today.

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