Postcard From Japan: Wandering Tokyo with the Abes Part 1

After lunch with the entire Fukushima crew, Mayumi, Shinya and Karin joined us on a small tour of Tokyo. We only had a couple of hours so we decided to first spend some time exploring the Hachi Yoshi-en garden next to the restaurant. We soon discovered that our visit to Tokyo coincided with both Shichi Go San (children’s festival for 3 and 5 year old girls) and wedding season. Of course this equated to photo opportunities galore. Little girls in Kimonos and traditional Japanese brides? Perfect!

Also, bonzai, koi and a shrine or two. Your basic Japanese heaven on earth (minus all the wedding photographers).

Autumn held on for just a few extra days to make me happy.

The company wasn’t too shabby either. Seriously – happiest child on the planet.

Next: We take the Abe family to the Meiji temple for their very first visit and, as a result, they can finally call themselves Japanese (I kid – a little). More weddings, more little girls in adorable kimonos and more Mayumi, Shinya and Karin.

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