Great Oregon Road Trip: High Desert Museum

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We spent our third day in Sunriver at the High Desert Museum and then the SHARC water park. The only thing you really need to know about the water park is that my 62 year old mother enjoyed her very first ride down a water slide…with my 63 year old father. I enjoyed quite a few rides down the water slide myself with Thomas and Kei (Samuel wasn’t tall enough). It was quite the event and I wish I had taken photos but I wasn’t comfortable leaving my fancy camera by the pool. You’ll have to take my word for it.

I do, however, have some photos of the High Desert Museum. This was my second visit – the last time being when I was six months pregnant and Kei and I were on our unofficial babymoon. It’s a lot more fun with kids – although less educational due to the speed with which you are forced to move through the exhibits.

My Dad looks strangely at home in fake 1800’s Oregon.

We enjoyed a quick stop at the dinosaur exhibit.

Where Thomas dug up some bones.

While Nan and Grandpa took a breather.

And then it was time to go outside to re-create the same photo that we took on our trip 9 years ago. Never gets old.

Then we caught the Birds of Prey show – because if there’s one thing the Ishida’s won’t pass up on vacation, it’s a Birds of Prey show. This one at the museum was great, mainly because you are asked to stand in the middle while the birds fly over you from one perch to another. All we needed was a little more shade in the 90 degree heat.

Oh, and P.S. I have a new love for Owls.

I’m also not very good at catching birds in flight.

Thankfully some of them stayed still for a close up.

After about 5 hours at the museum, we headed back to Sunriver and enjoyed our time at Sharc before heading home. I was smart enough to pick up some bug spray during the day so I could safely step outside to capture a gorgeous sunset and moon.

Sunriver was fun but it was time to move on (or we couldn’t call this a roadtrip, right?). Tomorrow: Crater Lake.

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