Happy Birthday to my First Born (Subtitle: OMG He’s Eight!)

My first born child is eight years old. On the one hand I am shocked (SHOCKED!) that I have an eight year child. On the other hand, Thomas grew up so much over the past year that it feels like he should have turned eight months ago. He was SO grateful for his birthday yesterday that he must have said thank you about 20 times. Presents included a lego set, resource guides about reptiles and insects to build out his collection (he already has birds and mammals), some fun chapter books, a Harry Potter lego book (from Samuel) and Dumbledore’s wand. The birthday boy decided on rotating sushi for dinner along with a promise that he could eat as much tamago yaki (egg sushi) as he wanted.

A eight, Thomas…

  • Is a champion reader. In just one year he progressed from barely reading a full sentence to starting to read the first Harry Potter book all by himself – by choice!
  • Is a great and (mostly) patient big brother, although he’s learning not to let his little brother push him around.
  • Enjoys Soccer and Karate and has just taken on the unofficial role of Karate “mentor” to Samuel.
  • Has a renewed obsession with Lego.
  • Has a continuing obsession with everything Harry Potter (see birthday gift list and book of choice)
  • Started second grade with some reluctance but seems to be settling in
  • Is sensitive, smart and sometimes silly.
  • Still likes to hold my hand and would cuddle all day if he could.

Just 8 years ago he looked like a teeny tiny bald-headed buddha baby…

(his first passport photo)

And now he’s overcoming his fears and climbing (fake) mountains.

So proud to be his Mum.

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