Storm Clouds Clearing

I’m feeling a tad bit stabby this morning and I’m almost certain it’s everyone else’s fault – whiny children, ungrateful co-workers, nasty freeway commuters, the starbucks guy who said “WHAT?” way too rudely when he didn’t hear my order and, now, WordPress. I saved a draft of this post and it disappeared so now I’m writing it all over again. Universe? Do you have a problem with me today? Because I’m ready to take you on.

OK, maybe staying up to watch the season final of Hannibal last night was a mistake. Gore, darkness and mystery may not be the best thing to watch right before bed. But, in fairness, I had to get the horror of a powerpoint presentation out of my mind after I worked on it until 9:30pm. The lesser of two evils for sure.

Still, it’s Friday and I have the entire weekend ahead of me to work on my attitude. To help get the process started, I’m posting a few iPhone photos taken during my flight to and from Seattle on Tuesday. Except I’m posting them in reverse order so it looks like the day started out stormy and ended with sunshine.

See what I did there? 🙂

Happy Friday!


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