Profound Musings of a Four-Year-Old

I’m coming down off a busy weekend filled with soccer games, yard work and a successful quest to drag my family along to the Wooden Shoe Tulip festival (photos coming soon). I am also heading to San Francisco tomorrow for a few days which means I am caught in this special place between not getting enough done on the weekend and making sure I’m prepared for my trip. I like to call it “panic”.

So, while I would love to start your Monday morning off with some beautifully inspiring rainbows of tulips, I simply don’t have time. So, instead, I’ll flash back a couple of weeks to a special moment in the pre-k classroom where I received a little education of my own.

Samuel’s classmate to me: “I have a dog and it died. I had two kitties and one of them died. I had a fish and it died. The dog threw up and that’s why he died. My cat got bitten by a coyote. My fish died because we fed him too much.”

Samuel: “That’s part of life.”

Conversations with my four-year-old are often the highlight of my day.

Happy Monday!

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