2012: A Quick Look Back (Part 1)

2012 went by in a blur – so it’s a good thing that I capture everything through my camera. I’m pretty sure I’d forget about 90% of the year if I didn’t have the photographic proof (hey, that’s right, I went to Vegas… and Austin… and New York… and Australia!).

Here are just a few month-by-month highlights, complete with photographic proof. January to June shared below. July to December coming tomorrow.


  • Rang in the new year with my brother Ben, sister-in-law Emma and not-so-teeny tiny Charlie.
  • Snow on the mountain and a few flakes on our tongues in our own backyard.
  • Vegas, Baby… (work-related)
  • Shopping with Batman


  • Samuel spent a lot of time insisting we call him either Superman or Clark Kent.
  • Thomas lost his first tooth.
  • Surprise! More snow, and on a leap day.


  • Warm enough for a hike through Forest Park
  • Spring break trips to kid-friendly places.
  • A quick work visit takes me to Austin, TX


  • Dry weather inspires sidewalk art
  • Blooms of Spring
  • T-ball season begins
  • TEDx Portland


  • Celebrating 37 with a Nicole day.
  • 13 years of marriage inspires a gift that looks back
  • Another work trip takes me to New York City
  • Working toward a yellow belt
  • My favorite superhero turns 4


  • Saying goodbye to daycare and kindergaten.
  • A marathon flight to Australia
  • Quality time with the grandparents
  • Catching up with Charlie
  • Mid-Winter Aussie bonfires
  • Wide open spaces

July to December posting tomorrow.

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