Wordless Wednesday: Zoolights on the last day of 2012

This year we got it right – arrived just as the sun was setting and the gates opened, boarded the second train with almost no wait and brought our own (delicious) Hot Chocolate and snacks, and dressed appropriately for the below-freezing temperatures. The skies were clear and the air was icy but the kids did not complain once about the cold. The perfect sendoff to 2012.

A Small Flurry: Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We celebrated with a few snow flurries (emphasis on “few”) and a freezing cold walk around Zoolights. After a delicious sushi dinner, the kids stayed up to watch a replay of the London fireworks on YouTube (Samuel declared them better than Sydney) and then the ball drop on East Coast time. Kei and I shared a bottle of champagne and managed to make it until 12:01 before calling it a night. We’re party animals.

I’ll be back later with more pictures of Zoolights, and a few favorite photos from 2012. For now, I’ll share a couple of photographs that I titled “spot the snowflake”

Wishing you a great start to 2013.