Bring on (Some) Rain

This weekend will bring rain to Portland and, apart from the two hours when I’ll be praying for the skies to part long enough for me to take some fabulous photos of a friend’s family, I welcome the wet weather. A dreary day will leave me with no excuse but to spend a little time indoors crossing things off my long to-do list. I need to get a start on some Christmas gifts, finish editing a photo session from last weekend and squeeze in some much-needed exercise.

Last weekend we managed to get outside despite the wet weather and take a quick hike around Oaks Bottom. On a slightly related note, Samuel spent a good part of the weekend repeating his favorite new Japanese word, Oshiri, which happens to mean bottom. Quite the coincidence and, apparently, hilarious.

It was wet and cold but so much fun. It’s been a while since we’ve all been on a hike together and I forgot how much I enjoy getting away from the house to spend time looking for frogs and listening to birds.

It was probably also our last chance to take in some autumnĀ foliage. I’m pretty sure the rain will take care of the last few leaves this weekend.

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