Mother Nature’s Payback

…we’ve been rained-on. A LOT. I mean, we were bound to have a wet October after a beautifully long summer, but this record rainfall is ridiculous. And, I know that the weather on the East Coast makes our situation pale in comparison and I sound awfully whiny, but I could do with just a teeny tiny bit of sunshine. Too much to ask?

After a full season of sunny soccer games, our last game showed us what we’d been missing out on. Apparently this is how real soccer is played. A certain seven year old was not impressed. Being the mother-of-the-year that I am, I told him he was born in Oregon and this is pretty much how it will be every year from now on so he should try to suck it up and enjoy a chance to play in the mud.

I said this from under my big golf umbrella.

Samuel seemed to enjoy it until he fell in the mud. Unfortunately mother-of-the-year forgot to pack spare clothes.

At least I had something pretty to look at…

… while I wasn’t watching the game intently, of course.

And, to prove that Mother Nature doesn’t discriminate. Here is what it looked like at Samuel’s game a week ago.

I spent the rainy afternoon editing soccer photos to share with the teams and came across this one that reminded me of a sunnier, happier time.

Sorry, I know we had a good Summer and I should be grateful – and I really was dealing with this change in the weather quite well.

But then some big jerk went and stole our golf umbrella after my husband put it down during a visit to the library with the kids and I lost all of that early-Autumn spirit. Seriously? Stealing an Umbrella during a torrential rainstorm in Portland? I know there’s a lightening bolt out there with his or her name on it.

Good thing Halloween is tomorrow. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m hoping I’ll generate enough “spirit” to carry me through the next few months of rain.

And, while I’m being all optimistic, I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my Sister-in-Law Emma. Thank you for having your birthday on Halloween so I never forget it. It was very considerate of you. 🙂


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  1. We did pumpkin patch fun in the rain this year, and I told my friend “well, I guess if we waited for a Seattle day to not be rainy, our kids would never do anything.”

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