Welcome to the Weekend: Friendship

It’s finally Friday. This week has not been particularly difficult, but it felt long. The weekend promises more soccer – a game tonight and another tomorrow – a birthday party and a Mummy and son trip to the Childrens’ theater to see the BFG (which, let’s face it, I am way more excited about than Thomas and Samuel).

I’m kicking off the weekend with an entry in this month’s I Heart Faces challenge on the topic of Friendship.

As these two get older, not only are they looking more alike, but they are becoming the best of friends – with highs and lows of course. One minute I catch them in a very sweet moment – like when Thomas was teaching Samuel how to write a few Japanese Hiragana characters this morning – then the next, they’re bickering about something ridiculous. (“He’s only copying you because he thinks you’re awesome, Thomas”).

It’s no secret that I always wanted to have a little girl but, when I see how strong the bond can be between brothers, it makes me pine for that third baby just a little less.

Photo Challenge Submission


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