Autumn is Here… And I’m Not Resentful

I have been known to resent the onset of Autumn weather. As the leaves begin to change and the rain starts to fall, it’s hard not to think ahead to at least four months of gray skies and being stuck in the house with two energetic boys when the weather is at its worst.

But this year is different. Portland was blessed with many, many days of sunshine well into October and the strangest thing happened… I actually felt myself looking forward to the rain and chill of Autumn. Of course, the fact that we made it through the majority of the soccer season without the need to wash mud-soaked socks, helped increase my level gratitude and I am secretly dreading the next few weeks. But, even still, I find myself yearning for a lot of things that come with colder weather, including:

  • Not always feeling like we should be doing something to make the most of the great weather (I don’t need the guilt trip)
  • Watching movies with the kids on rainy weekend days – we’re trying to finish the first Harry Potter book so we can watch the movie together before Halloween (a hint about Thomas’ costume…)
  • Warm mulled cider and wine
  • Wintry comfort food
  • Autumn color
  • Green grass
  • The rain that will wash away the thousands of spider webs that currently crisscross our yard (although resenting the fact that those spiders are now finding a dry place inside our house)
  • Clothes that cover up the rolly parts of my body
  • Days off work in November and December

To officially kick off the season on the weekend, we made our way to the Portland Nursery for their apple tasting festival…

—where Samuel practiced his monster walking pose (it was actually a whiny request for a hug).

…Thomas bowed to a few shrines (I think we need one for the backyard – the kid knows how to get his zen on)

…and, of course, ate more pieces of apple than our tummies could handle, washed down with some strudel and ice cream.

Before leaving, we bought about 12 pounds of apples at 99c a pound. I should probably learn how to make a pie or something.

Autumn – bring it!

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