Life and lack of motivation have both been getting in the way of blogging lately. I realize it’s usually “wordless” Wednesday, but I’ve been experiencing an overwhelming lack of words lately so here are a few random midweek updates.

  • I’ve discovered that both of my boys like to read by themselves at night before turning the lights off. And it’s hard for me to say no when I grew up doing exactly the same thing. (Secretly, I’m happy about it but don’t tell them that).
  • I am reading the first Harry Potter book to Thomas which is fun for both of us and may have started a new obsession (and inspired this year’s Halloween costume)
  • Also, I suspect that Thomas may be part monkey.

  • Samuel has also started a new obsession (for him) – Star Wars. May the force be with us.

  • Samuel’s class performed a Japanese bunny dance/song for the parents last week. Pretty darn cute.

  • Samuel is settling in well at school, although we’re starting to realize that starting school and soccer at the same time might not have been a wise decision. There have been a few meltdowns during drop off with at least two occasions where I’ve had to peel him off me so I could make a quick getaway. Not the most pleasant start to the day.
  • On the up-side, he loves learning Japanese and has been proudly counting from 1-10 (ichi, ni, san…) and singing the same songs over and over and over again until we finally have to ask him to stop.
  • Kei spent last week in Toronto on a work trip so I took over his “Little Kicker” coaching duties. In a word, exhausting. It takes a lot of skill and patience to hold the attention of five 4-5 year olds for a 45 minute game while also trying to get your own reluctant four year old in the game with the other eye tracking your seven year old as he keeps himself entertained. Needless to say, there are no pictures. But here’s one from last week…

  • After months of sunshine, autumn looks to have descended upon Portland. With it comes plans for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Part of me is excited while the the rest of me is a little terrified of the busyness that comes along with lots of plans.

  • And, finally, I was inspired by this article about putting yourself in the photo. I realize that when I put together our 2012 photo book, that there will be very few pictures of me on the pages. I’m starting a new leaf with this photo. (taken with incredibooth for iphone). More to come – although they won’t all be posted here. Baby steps.

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