Why Soccer is Better Than T-Ball (Photographically-speaking)

While Thomas played T-Ball last year, I managed to capture many photos of him in the midst of the following activities:

  • Running to First Base
  • Holding his bat
  • Occasionally hitting a ball
  • Standing
  • Waiting
  • Waiting
  • Waiting

And all through a fence. It’s safe to say that you have the t-ball photo opportunities pretty much covered after game 1.

But get me next to a Soccer field on an unusually sunny September day or evening (thanks crazily unseasonable Portland weather), and the possibilities are endless.

Lots of kicking…

Plenty of running…

Mid-air shots – they rarely happen in T-Ball.

I know this one is out of focus but… GOAL!

Sure, there may be a little waiting around…

and a few quiet moments with the coach…

…but there’s a lot more of this.

and this…

and this…

and, thanks to Little Kicker games at sunset, even a little of this…

Yes, I think it’s decided. I much prefer being a soccer mum than a t-ball mum, photographically-speaking anyway.


    • Thanks for the comment Fergus. As an Aussie living in the US I’m afraid there are already too many versions of “football” in my life to make things confusing. Calling it Soccer makes my life just a little bit easier. They have enough trouble understanding me here already without adding that to the mix. 🙂

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