Amidst the back-to-school, start-of-soccer and general-life craziness, I completely neglected to wish my first born child a public Happy Birthday. Or maybe it’s just that, subconsciously, I refuse to accept the fact that I am now the mother of a seven year old. It’s likely I’ll have a breakdown when he reaches double digits.

At seven, Thomas:

  • Is not too old to want lots of cuddles (and even holds my hand every now and then).
  • Can switch from serious to silly in a matter of seconds.
  • Loves to sing – his favorite songs right now are Life’s a Happy Song from the Muppet movie and Call Me Maybe (the second one pains his father, I’m sure).
  • Is addicted to Avatar: The Last Airbender and is enjoying a revival of Star Wars now that his little brother is watching it for the first time.
  • Loves playing with his little brother (except when he’s bickering with his little brother).
  • Enjoys playing Soccer – and scored a goal that his mother managed to capture on video during his first game – which also happened to be on his birthday. (please ignore my screeching voice on the video).
  • At school – enjoys Math but gets frustrated with reading and writing (although loves being read to).
  • Reads and writes Japanese in a way that makes me fear the day when he and his brother will be able to speak to each other without me understanding a word of their conversation.
  • Prefers to wake up in the morning by having his head stroked until he opens his eyes and gives you a big hug.
  • Is still my baby…although this photo of him seems to contradict that. He looks like such a boy.

And one for comparison…

Off to cry into my coffee now.

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