Happy Weekend!

We’re looking forward to one last long weekend before school starts. On the agenda:

  • Adding final editing touches to some special wedding photos
  • Organizing a few small sections of our house – I’m tackling it bit by bit
  • Hanging some art. I purchased a couple of prints from a local artist and plan to buy some frames this weekend and then work out where to hang them. I am also determined to finally print some of my own photos to fill our blank walls. We’ve only been here almost seven years, it seems about the right time to decorate
  • Visits to Target (for school supplies and 7th birthday presents) and Ikea (likely for a bunch of stuff we don’t need, oh and frames) – thrilling, I know
  • Catching up on season 1 of American Horror Story before season 2 begins. Looks creepy and weird which is right up my alley but I’ll definitely have to wait until the kids are in bed
  • A get-together with new school friends and old school friends and their parents
  • And, I hope, lots of gardening and playing and popsicle-eating.

What’s on your weekend agenda?

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