Highlights From a Crazy Weekend

This weekend was BUSY – but busy in a way that allowed us to catch up with friends, watch a few sporting events (well, for the boys anyway), enjoy a little perfect Portland Summer weather and, amazingly, get all of my laundry done.

Here are a some highlights from Friday and Saturday – with just a few photos. I’m still working on the photos from Sunday. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up my camera. I think the thousands of photos I took in Australia caused a temporary burn-out so it feels good to be getting back in the habit again.

  • Fun sleepover on Friday night during which I watched Happy Feet for the first time (guest’s choice). Samuel insisted he didn’t like the movie but somehow managed to sit like a zombie through the entire thing.
  • Skipped Kei’s work picnic on Saturday morning after realizing the distance to the park would mean they would only have 30 minutes before they needed to leave again. It was a Superhero themed event so we had one slightly disappointed Batman on our hands.
  • Attended and photographed Matt and Paul’s beautiful wedding (still working on the photos) and couldn’t help thinking that anyone opposed to gay marriage would change their minds if they sat through an actual ceremony. In fact it should probably be a requirement. There’s nothing more romantic and natural than two people declaring their love and commitment in front of their closest friends and family, regardless of gender.
  • BBQ with friends gave the kids a chance to run around with their friends and allowed Samuel to eat his weight in Watermelon. Shirtless, of course.

  • Walked home through the park just as the sun was setting at 8pm – the perfect time to practice some ninja moves, apparently.

  • The boys only needed a little convincing to let me take a photo of them together (i.e. bribing with the promise of more ninja photos).

Version 1: A little too serious

Version 2: A little too fake

I have no idea what is going on here…

Headed home after a quick run to burn off some birthday cake.

All in all, a perfect Saturday. Of course I left out the part where Samuel was forced to spend at least 30 minutes crying on the front porch in his underwear because he refused to apologize to Thomas for telling him he didn’t want him to be his brother anymore… Perfection is hard to achieve with a four year old.

Cue the beautiful sunset…