Looking Back (to Austin) and Looking Forward (to a break)

Wow – my trip to Austin feels like a lifetime ago. So much has happened since then. Just the everyday life type stuff, but so, so much of it. I think I lose track of time as I get older. Days seem shorter and more full and then suddenly you open your eyes and it’s April.


That means a little over two months until I jump on a plane and head for sunnier skies (weather permitting) and a good long lie down. Thanks in advance to my Mum for looking after the kids. 🙂 OK, so I don’t really think the good long lie down is going to happen, not while I’m single-parenting it for a good proportion of the trip.

Still, I am looking forward to getting rid of the schedule and spending some time just enjoying TIME. With my kids in the place where I grew up, with my family and my super-adorable nephew, with my camera…

When I take a look back at some of the photos I took during my trip to Austin, Iit reminds me of how much I am inspired by a change of scenery. Not that I don’t love the four walls I live in, just that my four walls don’t change very much. The people inside them change (way too quickly), but sometimes I need to experience them in a different setting to fully appreciate, and photograph, the changes.

Side note: This next photo is of the very best iced mocha I have ever tasted. I’m salivating just thinking about it. I may have had more than one (or two or three) during my visit.

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