December 12th – A Personal Best

This may be the first time EVER that I have had all of my Christmas shopping done, wrapped and even shipped, a full two weeks before the big day. Even the teacher and colleague gifts are out the door.

I feel fantastic!

And it’s a good thing too because some very special guests arrive next Sunday and I want to free up as much as time as possible so I can enjoy spending some time with this guy.

(Photo stolen from my sister-in-law’s Facebook page – thanks Emma)

Expect to see many more photos of Mr. Charlie Benjamin over the next few weeks – although he’ll be wearing a heavy sweater and sitting in semi-darkness. I really miss Australia at this time of the year. Sigh!

I have been so focused on getting everything ready for Christmas that, of course, I haven’t had time to take/edit/post photos. All I have to offer are a few snaps taken with my iPhone but I am determined to pick up the camera more frequently now that I have a little room to breathe.

In the meantime, enjoy this glimpse of our life right now – both the ups (Christmas lights and hot chocolate) and the not-so-ups (scraping car windshields).


Finally, wishing a very Happy Birthday to my husband who turned the big 4-0 on Sunday. I have known him since he was 26 (!) and can honestly say that he is still the best man I know. I am a very lucky woman.

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