Five Things Friday: Christmas Tunes

A special holiday-themed five things Friday this week. I am currently immersed in trying to cut down my Christmas mix tape (CD) from about 30 songs to about 15-20 so it will actually fit on a CD. And now I’m going to try and cut it down to five for this week’s Five Things Friday…

1. Last Christmas by Wham
Sung by my High School celebrity crush (I was so naive). It’s 80s and it’s fabulous!

2. Jingle Bells by Michael Buble feat. the Puppini Sisters
The opening is very cheesy, but this is one one of my favourite renditions of Jingle Bells ever recorded.

3. Sleigh Bells by The Ronettes
This is the sort of song that they choose to play during the opening credits of a holiday movie. You know that part where they’re flying the camera in over the city before they zoom in on a lonely girl alone in her apartment. The one who’s just looking for a little love this Christmas? That one.

4. Baby It’s Cold Outside, Glee Cast
One of my favourite all time Christmas tunes and this one is even more special because it’s… well… Glee!

5. All I Want for Christmas is You, Mariah Carey
Arguably the best Christmas song recorded in the past 20 years. It will also always remind me of the girl who sings it at the end of Love Actually (arguably one of the best Christmas movies of the past 20 years). It’s a shame the music video is so cringe-worthy.

Bonus Aussie Tune: Six White Boomers by Rolf Harris
Did you know that Santa is pulled by Kangaroos in Australia? It’s True. The rest of the story is explained in the song.

I know there will be a bunch more that come to me right after I hit publish. I’ll share my full mixed tape sometime next week.

This weekend marks a very big milestone birthday for my husband – 40 years! We’re spending it by leaving both kids with friends overnight and staying in a downtown hotel. Sure – it’s only 10 miles away, but it’s worth it for the maid service.

Happy weekend!

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