Five Things Friday: Inspired

Taking a very deep breath after a crazy week of juggling travel, school schedules, charity events and work events. My camera got a fantastic workout but, before I delve into a few hours of photo editing, I thought I’d share 5 things I came across this week that have me inspired and excited.

1. A Very She & Him Christmas
“She” is Zooey Deschanel, currently starring in The New Girl but who will always be the girl with the wonderful voice who almost upstaged Will Ferrell in Elf, to me. Can’t wait for this album to be released and I doubt I’ll wait until December to play it. Did I mention how excited I am for Christmas this year?

2. An Organized Mess by Color Me Katie
I would totally do this myself if the color of objects in my house weren’t so strongly inspired by Star Wars action figures (a little more black and grey, anyone?). Katie’s results are so colorful – a complete work of art.

3. New Autumn TV
Unashamedly enjoying a bunch of new TV shows – and struggling to find time to watch them all. Top of my list so far – Pan Am, Up All Night (although a little close to home) and New Girl. Really looking forward to Once Upon a Time and Grimm. The latter is set (and actually filmed) in Portland which is a complete bonus.

4. A Day in The Life of Photographer Elizabeth Fleming
Inspired by a number of photography projects right now and this one is especially beautiful and honest.

5. Great Posters From Upcoming Movies
Great artwork makes me want to add most of these movies to my must-see list. Make sure you click on the link for see them all.

I’ll be playing catch up this weekend with laundry, cleaning and photo editing. Of course there will also be plenty of family time, a couple of kids birthday parties and a potential trip to the Portland Nursery for some apple tasting. Impatiently counting down the last few hours of my work week.

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