Newport, Oregon Day 3, Pt 2: A Day at the Beach

This may be the longest series of blog posts about one 5 day beach trip ever but, what can I say? I have a ton of photos to share and one post just didn’t seem like enough.

Besides our little birthday celebration on day 3, we designated this days as “hang out at the house and play at the beach” day. I also added “walk around and take random photos” to my own agenda.

Samuel and I began the day with a walk down to grab a cup of coffee (for me, not him). It was a good reminder to set aside regular time to spend with each of my boys on their own. It’s amazing how much better they behave when you can give them your complete, undivided attention.

I love the mood the morning mist provides. So peaceful and still.

Of course Samuel’s patience with my photo walk had its limits so I went back to the house and dropped him off before heading out again to grab a few more shots around Nye Beach.

Like fun mailboxes.

And the beach theme being taken to the extreme.

Then back again to the house for the birthday celebration before the kids decided to jump in the hot tub. They had way more fun that it looks in this photo.

After trying, unsuccessfully, to put Samuel down for a nap, I decided to take him down to the beach instead. Sure, we were bound to pay for it later but at least we could have a little fun building a giant sandcastle before the meltdown began.

Full disclosure: I didn’t actually “build” the sandcastle. I was too busy protecting my camera.

The sun had finally come out by this time and the beach was absolutely beautiful.

This one looks straight out of a tourist brochure to me.

After everyone was sufficiently exhausted we made the trek back up the hill to get ready for dinner at a local seafood restaurant and a walk along the beach as the sun started to fade.

I headed back to the beach to take photographs of the stunning sunset that I already posted here. The perfect end to a perfectly relaxing day.

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