Then & Now

The best thing about keeping a blog is the ability to look back and see how much we’ve changed. Of course, it’s a little bittersweet to realize how quickly my babies have grown – and it makes me want another one – at least until the next time Samuel throws a tantrum because his SOCKS ARE THE WRONG COLOR!

Good thing my brother booked his trip to come and visit us at Christmas. He’s bringing his wife along but it’s my teeny nephew Charlie who I am most excited to see (sorry, Ben and Emma, but it’s true). I’ll just need to soak up all the baby goodness I can over those two short weeks.

So here’s my quick look back at THEN (May, 2008) and NOW.





Now I’m just torturing myself.

Inspired by @TaraWhitney who posted a link to a five-year-old picture of her family on Twitter this morning.

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