Cause for Celebration: 1000 Blog Posts

Turns out that I passed the 1,000 blog post mark this week while I wasn’t paying attention.

This is post 1,004. Wow.

That’s a whole lot of stories, photos and ramblings… And I have a couple of readers so it’s more than just talking to myself.

This adds just one more item on a list of things Kei and I will be celebrating at date night tonight, a list that includes:

  • a new job (for Kei)
  • the end of Pre-K (for Thomas)
  • a special family coming to visit us for the month of July (I’ll share more as we firm things up)
  • an almost-finished backyard deck
  • AND finally some sunshine in Portland (to enjoy that deck)

Life is good. I think I might treat myself to a cocktail. Cheers!



  1. Congratulations on +1,000 posts! So many blogs are started and end just as quickly so you do have an accomplishment here.

    I wanted to tell you that I will be linking to your children’s book post from my blog. I can’t promise much traffic (as I have so little myself!) but I wanted you to know the post was appreciated and worth re-mentioning to me.

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