Living in Las Vegas

OK, so I wasn’t exactly living in Vegas, but after six days it felt like it. Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful to take a trip and experience a little sun (emphasis on little thanks to the windowless conference rooms in which I spent most of my time), but I was definitely ready to come home after 6 days. Vegas is a nice place to visit for a day or two but it can wear out its welcome quickly.

Thankfully, I had a nice home base during my stay so, in the spirit of the Pioneer Woman, I thought I’d do a little hotel room tour. Let’s call it “Nice place, shame about the view.”

In an effort to stay away from crazy-world Vegas, I decided to stay in a place that was free of gaudy French/Italian/Greek decor. The Aria Resort and Casino offered modern decor and included wi-fi and access to the fitness center that I used…uh… once. (Warning about the website link. It plays loud, obnoxious music as soon as the page opens – a pet peeve of mine).

here’s the view into the room. Nice big bed (that I unashamedly spread my entire body across) and warm, neutral colors. Funny thing is that I didn’t realize how purple the carpet was until I looked back through the photos.

See those curtains above? They opened and closed with the press of a button (sheers or blackout). The best part? When I set my alarm in the morning, I could set it to turn the TV on to the Today show AND open the curtains to let in some daylight. Such a nice way to wake up – much better than the white noise offered by my old alarm clock at home.

That’s the front door. Next to it is a panel when I can conveniently push a button to select “service” or “privacy” – not that I remembered to do that 90% of the time that I was there. But it was nice to know I had the option.

Next – the bathroom.

Notice the toilet discreetly hidden behind the frosted glass door? Good thing I was traveling alone or my modesty may have overcome my need to pee. OK, kidding – there’s no such thing as modesty for someone who has given birth to two children. In fact, who needs a door at all?

Then there was the  wonderful shower and bathtub…

I used the bathtub once and had the water so hot that I could only remain submerged for 10 minutes – but what a wonderful 10 minutes that was. T=

This was the type of place where they neatly lined up your toiletries after you haphazardly leave them lying all over the counter in the effort to leave quickly after misjudging the time it takes for them to show that one story they teased on the Today show all morning but you just have to see before running to make it to your first session at the conference. Seriously, why do they do that?

The many drawers and closets that I didn’t use… (I’m not the type to unpack in hotel rooms. Far too afraid that I’ll leave something behind).

And, OK, this was my view. The room was wonderful for everything EXCEPT the view. I should have known as soon as I realized that they placed me on the 3rd floor but I didn’t expect a view of the HVAC cover, as stylish as they tried to make it. What I didn’t know when I first moved in was that there was a door in that big white stripy wall. And I didn’t expect a couple of men to walk by after inspecting something inside that door. Let’s just say that it was a VERY close call – for EVERYONE.

OK, so the view wasn’t great, but wait… when I went to a teeny tiny little corner of the window and squinted in just the right direction, I could see a little of this…

It wasn’t much, but at least I could make out some mountains and fading sunshine. I guess that’s something and I’ll take it.

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