Orange Days

I have been a little lax in posting a follow up to my last post about Japan. I have one coming, just need to find the time to put it into words. In the meantime I’ll post a photograph for the latest I heart faces challenge. This week is Orange and I am pleased to say that we are surrounded by a good deal of it at the moment. Sadly Portland days have become much shorter and so I am forced to enjoy the smallest sliver of colour for about 30 minutes in the morning on the drive to work.

Oh well, at least the weekend offered me an opportunity to take one of the best shots I have managed to capture of Samuel in a long time. While 2.5 years of age brings many wonderful things such as longer conversations, the ability to dress oneself and a new appreciation for books, it also brings the frustrating necessity to scream “NO” at the sight of a camera. So I’ll take the few moments of staying still long enough for the camera when they come my way.

Cute, isn’t he? And I’m not just saying that because I gave birth to him (OK, maybe 80% of it is because I gave birth to him, but he’s still cute).


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