Way Too Much Left Over Candy

I am incredibly grateful that our neighbors ran short and took a little candy off our hands, otherwise I’d be eating candy for the next two months instead of just the one.

I’m also grateful that my annual costume stress is a thing of the past thanks to my decision to wear the very same witch costume every year starting now. You can’t go wrong with an all-black outfit and a fancy hat.

As we close on October 2010, an official Happy Halloween from The Ishidas. Here’s to one more year of hyperactive kids and sugar comas that (hopefully) last all night.

(10 points if you guess Kei’s costume. Hint: It has an Aussie connection).

Thomas took his role as Clone Trouper very seriously.

A Samuel was just as committed to his “cheese” face.

Home Sweet Home

It was a trip that we had been meaning to take for many years and we finally made it happen. With kids in tow we made the long trip to Japan for ten days of adventure, sightseeing, eating and, most importantly, a little overdue family time with Kei’s Mother.

I have a lot to write and about a thousand photos to sift through and edit, but it will have to wait until after I have recovered from jet lag. I don’t trust my ability to write coherently on two hours of sleep. Back with more soon.

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Singing My Heart Out

Birthday celebration for my good friend LeeAnn – and what could be more appropriate that a girls’ night out at Karaoke. My song list included my official Karaoke go to, more than a little Queen, THIS old favorite (that most of us had forgotten about – the perfect anthem) and some Robbie Williams education for my American friends. Drink list included Jalapeno-infused sake – enough said. Now onto the blurry-from-low-light-but-still-telling-the-story, photos.

Life With Jekyll & Hyde

You never know what you’re going to get with Samuel and, OK, maybe the title is an overstatement. He doesn’t exactly turn into a terrible monster, maybe more like Oscar the Grouch.

But when this kid is ‘on’ he really knows how to charm and entertain. Take tonight when I was putting him to bed for example. We went from stories about daycare and singing do-re-mi “like music teacher” to crying because he wants just “one more” story – one more on top of the 5 “one mores” he has just had. Still, listening to him tonight was easily the best part of my day and even the crying didn’t spoil it.

A few other things I am enjoying right now:

  • Finally being able to give Thomas a bath without having to tape a plastic bag around his arm.
  • Sitting down to dinner each night and having Samuel begin to tell me about his day without even waiting for me to ask because he knows that dinner time is the time when we catch up. (“well today I played with…”).
  • The red peppers (capsicums) that are finally growing in our vegetable garden – although not sure two peppers were worth waiting four months for.
  • Thomas laughing uncontrollably while watching America’s Funniest Home Videos – while I tell him over and over that these are examples of what NOT to do. His laugh is easily one of my favourite sounds.
  • Samuel’s endless trips around the house on his “mini bike” while singing the Goodbye song from Yo Gabba Gabba – complete with Jack Black rock screeching at the very end.
  • Seeing some light (and a vacation) at the end of the tunnel, along with the promise of a little photographic inspiration. Feeling the need to break out the camera again after a short self-induced hiatus, and…
  • Little boys in kimonos.

It doesn’t get much better than that. (photo taken with iphone)