Cover The Childrens’ Ears

Today’s I Heart Faces challenge is “Chalk.” I have so many photographs of chalk drawings and chalky hands and chalky hands drawing chalk drawings, but very few with faces in them. I did find this one. It was taken during our visit to Australia when the boys made full use of the big slab of concrete in the driveway and decorated the space with their temporary artwork. This is one of the only photos with a face in it. If you look closely you’ll see that he is holding a piece of chalk in his right hand. That counts, right?

I doubt that pic will win me any awards, either for photography or for motherhood. Just look at the state of that shirt!

THIS, however, should win an award. I’m not sure what delights me more – the word that comes out of Thomas’ mouth, or the moment of shocked silence from my brother who is filming. It’s worth making it through to the end. You won’t be disappointed.