Sweet Things – P365

We begin this P365 post with a photo that is not the best, not even in complete focus, but that tongue in the cheek says it all. Pure concentration. Thomas came home from learning about Monet at his after school program and just had to paint. I think you’ll agree that his work of art would rival Monet any day of the week.

Just a couple of days before Valentine’s day and that means candy has begun infiltrating our house again.

Kei and I had an actual adult night out on Friday. We visited a restaurant that I been wanting to try for a long time (about three years) and the food was AMAZING! I’m still thinking about the soft shell crab with the shrimp gumbo, paired perfectly with a cucumber mojito. Then we headed to see Avtar in 3D (fun, but a little long) before picking up the kids. The only downside to the entire evening was that we didn’t have time to make it to Pix for a totally extravagant dessert. Next time we’ll see a shorter movie.

I told Samuel that I was going to take a picture of us. He said “no picture” and pushed the camera away. This is the result.

For the past couple of months I have been purchasing our groceries online from New Seasons. It means paying a little more – both for fully organic groceries and the “bring it to the car” fee, and I have been wondering if it is really worth it. Today we decided to make a trip to Fred Meyer for our weekly grocery shop, mainly because we had to pick up a couple of things that were not available from New Seasons. Within five minutes I had decided that New Seasons was worth every penny. No whiny children asking to buy every toy they see, no guilt at having to purchase products that were likely shipped from halfway across the country, and no wasting two hours doing something that you can do in 30 minutes with a laptop. I think I’m sold.

Here’s the whiny kid – well, one of them.

We Don’t Really Celebrate Valentine’s Day…

Kei and I decided long ago that we wouldn’t buy into the commercialism of the holiday and so I can’t remember the last time we bought each other a Valentine’s gift.

As it happened this year, though, Valentine’s was thrust upon us – and we were willing participants for the most part.

Part 1: Valentine distribution at daycare and pre-school – a new tradition for an Aussie-raised schoolgirl. It was chaotic, it was stressful, it was last-minute. It is something that I had better suck up and accept because it’s not going away anytime school, although I am looking forward to the day when the boys will be able to write their own Valentine messages for their 25 classmates.

Part 2: A night out with my husband thanks to a little extra babysitting on Friday night courtesy of daycare. Now this one I was completely on board with. We went out for dinner and had one of the best meals I have had for a long time. It’s one of those meals that stay with you for days afterward – and not in a bad way. Follow that up with a chance to finally see Avatar in 3D, and it was the perfect evening.

Part 3: Hitting me over the head with it. We stopped to grab a hot chocolate for Thomas yesterday and it seemed the universe was speaking to me, so of course I took a photo.

I suppose there’s really no escaping it. Happy Valentine’s day.