I was having a very difficult time thinking of a photo to use for this week’s  i heart faces entry. You see the theme is Kiss. It’s not that there any shortage of kisses in our house, it’s just that I have been waiting for a moment to capture it on film.

Samuel LOVES to give kisses. Big, wet, sloppy kisses. And he gives them freely to pretty much anyone who asks which begs the question, exactly when do you start teaching your children about personal boundaries? 🙂

I’ll take them whenever I can get them, though, which is probably why I haven’t yet been able to capture it on film. I’m too busy enjoying this fleeting moment in my baby’s life.

So for the purposes of this challenge I’ll share one of my very favourite photos – one that I have in a frame on our mantle if only to remind me that my children do truly love each other even when the screaming and yelling sometimes suggests the opposite is true.

So from Samuel to you on this upcoming Valentine’s Day, a very big “‘UG! and “Kith!”