Better Late Than Never

I realize Halloween was over a week ago and you’re really supposed to post photos of an event like this in the days immediately following but, hey, I’ve been busy. And as the saying goes, it’s better late than never.

Our Halloween had two parts – and two costumes. WAY more effort than I usually contribute to the holiday.

I promised myself that I would not have a stressful Halloween this year. I have traumatic flashbacks of last-minute visits to thrift stores in the hopes of finding something (anything!) to wear. So this year, when I passed a pair of striped tights and a witches hat in Freddies (local enormous grocery store), I grabbed it and said done.

Kei had other ideas…

For the record, I was NEVER going to be Thing 2.


This inspired ensemble was what we wore for the adult party on Friday night (saved at the last minute by a wonderful neighbor who came to watch the kids after our babysitter canceled at the last minute).


It took me a little while to get over the fact that my friends all dressed as sexy kittens and sexy race car drivers and sexy…well… wenches(?), while I was basically dressed in sweat pants and an old lady wig.

But I did get over it. And we had a good time with the cookie monster…


And one scary-ass clown.


Or maybe this was the scary-ass clown.

Coming soon.. the costume I was supposed to wear…or a lesson in how to overdress for a walk around the neighborhood.

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