Halloween Part 2: The Child-Friendly Version

Halloween was on a Saturday this year which means we had time to catch up with a bunch of families from the neighborhood before the big candy trek.

I took the opportunity to wear the costume I had planned to wear the night before – complete with makeup.

But it was the tights that were the perfect finishing touch.

Oh, and these shoes that I don’t think I can ever wear again now that they are firmly planted as witch shoes in my brain.

But of course the evening is all about the kids. It wasn’t until we were walking down the street together that I realized how “dark” we were – a witch, a spider and Darth Vader. Talk about getting in the true spirit of Halloween.

I have to mention here that I did not grow up with Halloween. Dressing in a costume and walking down a very public street – even on Halloween – makes me feel very uncomfortable. It’s something I’m working on.

One of our neighbors had the inspired idea to fill the kids up on pizza and fruit before we hit the candy, so we had an hour or so to enjoy some time with friends before the candy walk began.

Samuel was completely unfazed by the creepy decor.

(that’s his finger pushing the button to make the skeletal hand come out).

But soon it was time to start knocking on some doors. This was the first year that the 4 year olds really understood the concept of free candy just for saying “trick-or-treat”. Let’s just say that there was no holding them back.

We made quite the colorful procession…. well except for my dark, disturbed children…

While walking around we were able to enjoy some of the neighborhood decor.

Fabulous pumpkins that left my cat-carving in the dust.

Plenty of temporary graveyards

And weird scary faces peering out from windows. It’s a wonder the kids didn’t have nightmares.

But at the end of the day it was all about knocking on doors and being cute. They give you more candy if you’re cute and we had PLENTY of cute to go around.

If you look closely, you can see my cat carved pumpkin on the porch.

The candy is now gone – thanks to some help from Mum and Dad. The costumes are in the dress up box. The pumpkins are just a mouldy, mushed up memory. Until next year…

P.S. Expect to see that witch again. I don’t think I got enough leverage from that costume.