And…More Balloons

My latest photo challenge entry for the I ♥ Faces photo blog.

This week’s challenge is balloons and..well…you know how I feel about balloons. I had no shortage of pics to choose from thanks to a recent birthday party. Samuel shares my obsession with balloons. These kept him occupied for a full 30 minutes.


  1. Samuel is such a cutie. I love the setting 🙂 What a pretty park. Don’t you love when they are little and can be so easily entertained for long periods of time with simple things? I love that : )

  2. samuel is a doll! how sweet! i tried a similar idea for my photo, but my balloons only lasted about 2 minutes before she figured out how to untie them and let them go, so funny! i got one great shot as they passed by the sun – great solar flare, but no face, so i couldn’t post it :(, love your shot, though, love the colors and composition!

    i have my balloon shot posted now, too. feel free to come on over and visit anytime :O)

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