First Day

The day started early for my four (!) year old. I asked him if he’d grown overnight but he said “not enough to be four years old”.

We made it out the front door before 8am – a minor miracle.

The backpack and Star Wars lunchbox were early birthday presents.

He had a little trouble looking away from the lunchbox.

Then Kei walked with the boys to… daycare. Mum and I picked Kei and Thomas up about three blocks away for the drive to school.

The drop off was quick and (relatively) painless. Thomas was excited but nervous. After spending some time looking around the classroom the teacher asked the parents to leave, and that’s when Thomas looked at me and said that he didn’t want to be left there by himself with people he didn’t know. I told him he’d have fun and then the teacher came over to distract him while I left. I lost it a little when I walked out the door. It’s hard to leave your baby by himself with people he doesn’t know…

And of course I forgot to take photos in the classroom. I had to make do with some paparazzi-style shots through the barred classroom windows. He seemed to be ok…

We picked him up 3 hours later and asked him numerous questions about his day until he told us he was tired of answering questions.

Then we went home and he napped for three hours. I’d say that was a successful (if exhausting) first (1/2) day at school.

The day ended with a little family birthday celebration and more presents. Thomas took it all in stride, but it may be a little too much for his mother.

One comment

  1. I’m glad that you survived. Great pictures…love that peek into his class. That backpack looks like it’s as big as Thomas.

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