Keeping my head above water…


Our guests left on Monday morning and I feel out of control busy. It doesn’t help that this is the first week that I have gone back to five days of work. I have been working four x 10 hour days since Thomas was born and it worked well for a long time. It seems, though, that the addition of a second child can shake up the schedule and suddenly getting home at 6:30 for a 7:00 bedtime just wasn’t an ideal situation. Work also asked me to change my schedule but, to be honest, I was leaning towards it anyway. It did speed up the process though, and would have preferred to have waited until September when Thomas starts pre-school.

Oh yes – Thomas was accepted to pre-school. We literally won the lottery on that one – the school lottery anyway. I’m still waiting for my real lottery dream to become a reality.

So today was my first Wednesday in the office for some time and it was tough. With my flexible schedule, I enjoyed the break in my week, the chance to spend some time with my boys and the extra time to get things done around the house. Apparently my house falls to pieces by Tuesday night and, until now, only my Wednesday at home was keeping it all together. And don’t even get me started on the laundry.

I admit that it may be worse than usual this week. Our guests just left on Monday morning and half of the laundry pile is towels and sheets from their visit. Still, I miss my catch up day. This is a big change for my family and a large part of me is in mourning for the small amount of flexibility that I once had.

Maybe next week will be better. Ooops – childcare issue next week mean I’ll be juggling work from home and nannies.

Maybe the week after next will be better…

…just need to keep my priorities straight.

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