Jenny Sizzler – Portland, Oregon Event Photographer

I was recently hired to take photos of local band, Jenny Sizzler. They play once a month at the Mississippi Pizza pub in North Portland and, thanks to a daycare connection with the fiddle player, the Ishidas have often been seen rocking out to the Sizzler music – complete with toddler mosh pit up front.

When Samm, the guitarist, contacted me through Facebook, my first reaction was really? You want me to take photos of your band? Have you seen the photos I take of children and families… outdoors… with loads of natural light? But then Samm said (well, typed) the words that made me know I could do it. He said “we’re about community and we would like the photos to reflect that”.

Of course that didn’t mean that there weren’t challenges. Backlighting, moving subjects, obstacles (people, instruments, electrical cables) and funky stage lighting, all made my task just a little more difficult than the usual natural light scenario that I am used to.

But I think I did it. This is just a small portion of the over 100 photos that I was able to proudly share with the clients. I’m not sure I’ll be touring with Pearl Jam anytime soon, but it’s a start. 🙂

I call this one “beer drinker bathed in light”. Sometimes you just get lucky. 🙂



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