Colour and Change

After 18 months, the P365 project has finally become too much. There are only so may photos of my kids in the bath that I can take before I wonder why I am taking a photo each day.

I will continue to post here, it just wont be dated like i has been in the past. I have so many photos to share from my recent trip to San Francisco, my birthday and mothers’ day. And don’t forget my rock star moment when I photographed a local band.

Hopefully this will free me up to post in-the-moment thoughts. You’ve been warned. 🙂

Back soon.


  1. LOL.. um… if you have been taking daily photos for 18 months I think you have finished your project! I understand, I think you meant to say 18 weeks! I never even started that project, I cant commit to do anything for just two days in a row.. kudos for making it 126… your photos are always a pleasure to look at… okay, going back into the shadows now where nobody can see me have a great week!

  2. omg… you DID mean 18 months.. wow i didnt realize! 546 days of commitment to a project.. YOU have detirmination chicky! hige kudos to you! I guess i wasnt paying thata close of attention.. bad me!

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