Welcome to 2015 and Happy Australia Day

Well, it seems my short unintended blog break turned into a loooong break. The craziness of work before a month-long trip to Australia left me with little time or energy to post my thoughts and photographs. And, now that I’m home and trying to get back into the swing of real life, it seems an appropriate time to resurrect this little piece of the internet.

It’s also Australia Day so it seems the perfect time to begin reflecting on a much-needed holiday back to my family and my home. A holiday that included playtime with cousins, conversations with siblings, a side trip to Tasmania, travel on almost every possible form of transportation (trams, trains, buses, cars, planes, boats and even a chairlift), catch ups with old friends and a second summer.

Now that the tan has faded, I’m looking forward to reliving some of the memories here. For today, though, I simply want to wish all my Aussie friends and family a very Happy Australia Day.

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