Camp Westwind: That’s a Wrap

The last couple of weeks have been a blur of travel and summer camps so posting on here has been a sporadic. The boys are in a different camp every week this summer to keep things interesting. Last week was Japanese camp, the week before was about Ranch animals and this week they’re spending a few days brushing up on their soccer skills with the timbers.  It’s a great test of my Mummy brain to remember where to take them and at what time.

But before all of the summer camps, there was camp Westwind – I’ve shared photos in previous posts here and here. Today’s multitude of photos tell the story of a kid with some acting skills, beach treasures, a hike through bear and cougar country, a view to die for, some friendly competition and a deep beach hole. Because a trip to the beach is just not the same unless you dig a really deep hole.

Wonderful memories that we plan to build on next year at this magical place.

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