Friday Flashback: Baby Brother’s Birthday Edition

Feeling nostalgic on the Eve of my baby brother Jonathon’s 34th birthday.

I call this one “Deer in Headlights”.

(side note: My other brother, Ben, had very pink cheeks and I really wish my hair had remained that thick and shiny)

And this one I’ve titled “unfulfilled musical dreams.”

Bonus points for the circa 1980 Bonds Wondersuit. I don’t think they make them in that color anymore.

And, finally, “End of Summer Glow”.

This one just screams Aussie Kids. I don’t think there can be any mistaking where we came from.

Happy birthday, Jonathon. I hope you celebrate just like we did in the good old days – with lots of food, lots of fun and a nice long nap at the end.

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