Christmas with The Ishidas

I traveled for almost the entire month of November so I felt largely unprepared for Christmas this year. I decided, for my own sanity, to skip the advent calendar that I made last year and we bought our tree from a lot instead of a u-cut farm. I also had trouble sending gifts to Australia in time so my family will have the fun of opening a few late presents. Even our elf was too exhausted to move to different locations in the house every night. I know how he felt.

Still, we managed to squeeze in a few fun Christmas activities and Christmas Day was the relaxing, pajama day that we’ve become used to with just the four of us.

Here’s a look at the lead up to Christmas 2013, Ishida-style. Of course, I never take photos of the day itself. Even my camera needed to take a break over the holiday.

Thomas made this elf hat by himself.

Someone made sure the downtown sculptures were dressed for the weather.

Christmas Eve – Samurais at the Portland Art Museum. Off theme just a little, but a fun family activity.

And, finally, a foggy walk through the park before the children were all snuggled up in their beds.

Merry Christmas!

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