Signs You Might Be in China

You wonder why you wake up in the morning with legs so sore that you can barely walk and then realize that, oh yes, it’s because you hiked  part of THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA.

You risk your life every time you catch a cab… and cross the street. You may even get kicked out of a cab because the driver doesn’t want to take you to your destination and then find yourself doing the foreigner walk of shame down a busy street in search of a much more friendly driver (and yes, we did eventually find one).

You both appreciate, and question, the local architecture.

You’re tempted to eat PROBABLY the best steak in town but decide to look for something more definite.

The restaurant menu is bigger than your head.

Peking duck!

You resist buying a few questionable souvenirs

But you make sure you haggle for the ones you do buy (and then discover later that you were negotiating for ten minutes over a 10c difference).

You unexpectedly discover what a pre-dried date looks – and tastes – like.

Surprisingly tasty – especially when they come dipped in sugar.

You happen upon some interesting building art (no further comment).

You find yourself hoping FedEx takes a little more care with your packages.

You see splashes of red around almost every corner.

Beijing! What an incredible experience.

Back soon to share about a thousand photos of the Great Wall of China and more.

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