Great Oregon Road Trip: Endert Beach, Crescent City

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Our our way back from the Redwoods, we decided to stop to explore some tide pools at Endert Beach. What we thought was going to be a short stroll down from the parking lot turned out to be a mile and a half, 45 degree hike downhill. I thought the kids would struggle after an already busy day, but they seemed to have an endless supply of energy. I can’t say the same for all of the adults in the group. At the bottom of the (very long) trail, we emerged onto a nearly-deserted beach. The tide was on it’s way in but we still managed to find a few shallow rockpools with some colorful surprises. After just a few minutes, the grandparents decided the tide was coming in too quickly and went to find higher ground. And then after just a few more minutes, Kei and decided that we should probably start heading for higher ground as well (note to self: check for low tides before heading in search of rock pools). It was a short visit, especially after such a long hike, but I think it was worth it if only for the good night’s sleep that we all got as a result. On our final our evening in Crescent City, the sunset, the lighthouse and the moon all bid us a fond farewell. Next: The final leg of our journey

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