Almost Wordless Wednesday: A Walk Up Nob Hill

I traveled to San Francisco for work, oh, about a month ago now. So long ago in fact that I almost forgot about my little walk up Nob Hill.

My quick three day trip was packed with work stuff so, as much as I’d would have loved to have walked around one of my favorite cities taking photos, I just didn’t have the time. Still, I am never one to totally miss a travel photo opportunity so I set aside one hour between waking up and leaving for the airport to take a quick walk up Nob Hill – in heels because they were the only shoes that I packed in my carry on. It turns out that walking the steep sidewalks of San Francisco is not very easy in heels. Going up is OK, it’s the walk down that can cause problems. Thankfully I, and my camera, managed to make it back to the hotel without injury or embarrassment.

It was good to see you San Francisco.


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