Sunny Monday

Happy Monday!

I trying to get back to reality after a crazy, busy, fun weekend which included:

  • A visit from Uncle Ben (aka my brother). He leaves at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning.
  • A full day taking photos at TEDxPDX. I love that event and am incredibly excited to edit my photos when I have a few minutes later in the week. My focus was on the audience, between sessions so I know I captured a lot of people having fun which is my favorite thing to photograph.
  • A candid photo of Tom Brokaw. Oh yes I did.
  • Breakfast at Milo’s on NE Broadway – it’s been too long between visits.
  • Samuel kicking two amazing goals at soccer. And, thank you Portland weather gods for making the day so sunny and warm so I could enjoy it even more. (Sadly I missed Thomas’ game due to TEDx but I hear he also kicked a couple of goals).
  • Some time to sit outside in the sunshine and sip wine while I read photography books – one of my favorite things to do as the weather gets warmer.
  • About 5 loads of laundry – not a highlight exactly, but I’m pretty proud of myself for getting it done amidst everything else.

And now I start a shortened workweek. I decided to give myself the gift of a couple of days off for my birthday on Thursday and Friday, so I need to get moving to cram 5 days of work into 3.

Here’s the forecast for Thursday and Friday.

2013 May 2 and 3 Forecast


And, since every post needs a photo or two, I’ll share a few images of the tree outside the school that, sadly, shed it’s final blossoms today. While my eyes miss this sight in the morning, my nose is grateful for the allergy relief.




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