Christmas Tree Hunting in Portland

Our first advent activity was to choose a Christmas Tree. In a new tradition for us, we decided to u-cut this year at Reichen Christmas Tree Farm – a small farm about 25 minutes away. The owners were sweet, the experience was quick and easy and all trees, regardless of size and species, were $35. We went for a 6 foot tall Noble Fir and watched as it was ceremoniously cut down with a chainsaw.

But the best part by far was having the chance to wander around in a little Christmas tree forest to choose the perfect one.

We thought this was the one… false alarm.


A fun family activity and we were very lucky with the weather. Later that afternoon the clouds and the rain rolled in while we decorated the tree. Of course I don’t have any photos of that part of our day – I was too busy trying to save the most delicate ornaments from the clutches of my children. Still, they were a lot more helpful this year than they have been in the past. Thomas even set up a pretend Hot Cocoa stand while we worked on getting the tree in position.

I’m pretty sure the family tree hunt is going to be a new annual tradition and, with views like this, a 25 minute drive out of the city is well worth the effort.


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