Bringing Some Aussie Home With Us

After a marathon 26 hour trip and a couple of days recovering from jetlag I feel like we’re finally settling in at home.

Let’s not underestimate the destructive power of jetlag shall we. We walked in the door at about 8pm on Wednesday night after the kids had both taken a two hour nap on the final flight from LA. They went to bed at about 10pm, which is about 3pm Aussie time and therefore a good time for a nap, so at 1am both boys were awake and ready to play. I think the boys and I finally managed to get back to sleep at 3am but Samuel jumped into our bed shortly thereafter and proceded to sleep on me for the rest of the night. Thursday night was pretty much the same story but it looked like we may have turned a corner on Friday – not a day too soon.

So, as you can imagine, I’m a little bleary eyed and cranky and hoping that good night’s sleep tonight will go a long way toward helping me feel more relaxed and patient before I start work on Monday.

Not that we haven’t had our moments of fun. The boys wanted to do some painting in the backyard today and somehow it turned into an Aboriginal Corroboree. I am incredibly grateful that I had the foresight to buy washable paint.

I have more photos and stories to share from Australia and plan to do so as soon as I have the ability to string together a few more coherent sentences. Back soon.