An Ode to Uncle Jono

Visiting Australia means catching up with family and I think it’s safe to say that two years apart means very little to Samuel and Thomas when it comes to Uncle Jono. He very quickly jumped to the top of the bedtime story queue and the leg train was a hit (thankful for smooth hardwood floors). Here’s the evidence.

Uncle Jono started the whole leg train thing. I’m pretty sure there was a part of him -mostly his leg muscles – that regretted it by the 20th ride. Kept the floors clean though.

Uncle Jono read bedtime stories two nights in a row – one of them after a very long visit to a winery. Now THAT’S a good Uncle.

Samuel’s smile looks a little out of place in this next photo. I’m pretty sure he’s about to lose a hand.

Jono’s love of fire is the stuff of legend in our family so, when my Dad decided to create a fire pit out of a 20 year old washing machine drum, he immediately earned just a little bit more respect with my youngest brother. And now I present Uncle Jono in his element…

And for a little bit of fun, which of these pics makes you more frightened?

Serious, don’t-mess-with-me arsonist?

Or crazy, reminds-me-a-little-of-the-shining arsonist?

I may keep both of these photos away from my children and just show them this one. Much less intimidating.

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