Kidgistics and Bullet Points

I’ve been running around a lot this week moving kids from one place to another (i.e. kidgistics) while Kei works some extended hours. Between messed up work schedules, after hours photo sessions and public school late start days, it’s been a struggle to get into any sort of routine. So I thought I’d blog today in the same way that I’ve been approaching everything this week – in bullet points and random thoughts.

  • Thomas got a perfect score on his second-ever spelling test. So proud.
  • He’s also getting very serious about karate – I think it might have something to do with a current Ninjago obsession. Never underestimate the influence of cartoon Lego characters.
  • I started gathering activities and books for our marathon plane ride to Australia. I know our trip is still three months away but I need to something to keep my mind off Portland’s miserable beginning to Spring.
  • I also started ordering gifts for Samuel’s birthday in May. Again, I’m early but all I can say is 10 straight days of rain, people! It makes you do crazy things.
  • Speaking of crazy, we experienced a 30 minute hailstorm on Sunday.

  • I love the fact that, if I start reading a book to Samuel or Thomas while I’m waiting for them to start school, I will attract at least another 6 or 7 kids who just want to hear someone reading a book. I feel like the pied piper. (told you this was a random list)
  • My three year old corrected my pronunciation of “Banana” this morning. I need to get him to Australia – and quick!
  • Um SPIDERS!!!! (thankfully on the other side of the world but a little too close to my parent’s house to let me feel entirely excited about our trip).
  • The boys indulged me with a photo together on Sunday (this is a rare occurrence). It’s a little out of focus but I love it.

  • Of course I had to take this one first…

  • On the entertainment front
    • Walking Dead finale – lots of blood and gore, but AMAZING! Almost can’t wait until next season.
    • Good thing I have Mad Men starting this weekend to tide me over.
    • Saw Hugo on the weekend – very sweet film. Imagine it would have been amazing in 3D if only we had unlimited babysitter credits that allowed us to see movies in an actual theatre.
    • Speaking of theatres I have my tickets to see the Hunger Games on Friday – So excited!!

And with that brain dump out of the way, I leave you with one more photo from the sky somewhere over the middle of the country. It reminds me of what a blue sky looks like – although I could do without the snow.

One comment

  1. Good news, Nicole, not too many spiders around here, only the odd mouse, an influx of huge mosquitoes after the floods, a few grasshoppers, and lots of frogs that go ‘bonk bonk’ in the night!
    However, the weather is beautiful at the moment, crisp nights and glorious days, at least for this week, who knows what it will be like by June!!! See you in sunny Yarrawonga! XXX

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